Advertising on search engines is an effective way to drive more people to your website and attract more customers. Pay per click systems from Google, Bing, and other providers allow you to create ads based upon keywords and phrases related to your business which appear in the search results or websites. The advantage of PPC campaigns is immediate visibility of ads promoting traffic to your website.

Why is PPC Important?
PPC is an extremely effective method to drive targeted web traffic to your website. Once a PPC campaign is created ad’s typically show within a 24 hours.

Why is PPC so Complex?
Building and managing PPC campaigns can be overwhelming without significant experience. Without understanding these complexities your campaign costs will be much higher than expected. By fine tuning creation and managing of campaigns we take advantage of reducing keyword cost per click costs.

What you should be doing with Pay Per Click management
Your goals and needs are never identical to other clients so each engagement is customized to to fit your needs. So what do you need to optimize your website?

Keyword Research and Selection
Create Ad Copy
Landing Page Optimization
Integrate Analytics and Track Conversions
Bid Management
A/B Testing: Testing Ad copy, campaigns, ad groups, creative, etc
PPC Monthly Analysis & Reports