Internet 101 Meets Your Business

The internet is a maze of technology but how do get started or even stay current? There is no secret answer or one size fits all solution.

Getting started with the basics

  • Domain Name
  • Website
  • Email
  • Analytics

Establishing the correct domain is absolutely critical to your business and brand. If your an existing business buying a .com top-level domain is your best path. Domains are like beachfront property, if it’s not available but being used as a parking page then it’s typically available for purchase and worth negotiating. Avoid trying to save money because the domain is available with a dash, this is your brand.

Creating a website is easy, creating a good website is hard. Your website may be simple with just a few pages of information or a complex ecommerce site, no matter what your building it requires a plan. That plan should include your brand, target audiences, goals, and great content to convey your message. The less effort put forth will be seen by visitors in under 3 seconds after they never return upon the impression you just provided. If you don’t have the time or knowledge, get help.

A proper email address with your domain creates the impression your a legitimate business. Many try and use a free email service from Gmail or Yahoo but the use of these end up creating more problems in the future as your business grows. Email plans for your domain are fairly inexpensive and worth the expense.

Probably one of the most overlooked features implemented on the website to track visitor behavior. Not knowing the number of visitors, time on the website, pages visited, most exited pages, and sources of web traffic at a minimum are critical metrics about what’s working. Google analytics which is the most popular analytics platform is free, easy to setup and provides a tremendous amount of insight to visitor behavior. No site should be without this type of service.

If you need help with building a new website or improving your current website, let us know.

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